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2016 - Dir: Steven Spielberg - HD Digital presentation (USA)

Steven Spielberg knows how kids think and understands what life looks like when you’re not very tall - as he demonstrated in E.T. which was shot from the point of view of a small person. His skill is doubly tested in a story about a very little person confronted by a very big person and his mastery is demonstrated by the way in which he makes both characters equally forceful and equally vulnerable.

Like most Roald Dahl stories there’s a bit of the strange and unsettling about this tale of the orphan taken from her bed by a giant but, like most Spielberg films, there are added ingredients in the form of great sweeping set pieces and there’s a great deal of humour… and, if you don’t find the whizzpopper sequences rib ticklingly funny, you just ain’t got no sense of hummus. Simply scrumdiddlyumptious!

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We’re always keen for families to come and enjoy these shows - our matinee films are all the cream of the crop with great stories, good jokes and fantastic music - they work on many levels - there are some gags the kids won’t get and others that’ll leave you mystified as your offspring roll about laughing. There’s something for everyone (and yes, the bar will be open!). Unaccompanied children are not admitted but we welcome everyone to enjoy the very best family entertainment together.

A real family outing at a fraction of the cost of mainstream cinemas.

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