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2007 - Dir.: Frank Oz - HD Digital presentation

“Frank Oz's "Death at a Funeral" finds its comedy in the peculiar human trait of being most tempted to laugh when we're absolutely not supposed to. The movie is part farce (unplanned entrances and exits), part slapstick (misbehaviour of corpses) and part just plain wacky eccentricity. I think the ideal way to see it would be to gather your most dour and disapproving relatives and treat them to a night at the cinema.” Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun)

This delightfully wicked farce is in the expert hands of Muppet creator Frank Oz and it’s beautifully set up - if there was a funeral destined to go wrong this is it. The train is on the tracks and the tracks are well-greased. All we have to do is watch the whole enterprise go off the rails, which it does. There’s a knocking from the coffin. A strange little man has blackmail on the brain. The most straight laced relative has a little accident with his medication… Every little rift between family members becomes a crevasse. We’ve all been to funerals with the potential to be like this - and sometimes it’s great to see what could have happened!


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