Friday, 8th February at 8pm.

2018 - Dir.: Oliver Parker - HD Digital presentation - UK.

There are some very non-Love Island male bodies on display in this likably daft British comedy with echoes of The Full Monty and Brassed Off. We get refreshingly unselfconscious moobs and guts, sagging thighs and fading tattoos, belonging to guys sporting unsexy swimming caps and goggles. All that’s lacking is a verruca plaster floating in the foot baths.

It’s about a group of miscellaneous middle-aged blokes who form a deeply unlikely male synchronised swimming team, revolving around the local pool in various interlinked formations to musical accompaniment. But they’re making no creative progress. That’s until accountant Eric (Rob Brydon), suffering from a midlife crisis and bobbing disconsolately in the shallow end, joins their ranks. His numeric training tells him they need an extra man to complete the rotational symmetry – and his heart tells him he personally needs some therapeutic bonding.

Screenwriter Aschlin Ditta has loosely based the film on the 2010 documentary Men Who Swim, about a real-life synchro-swim team of middle-aged Swedes. An amiable and silly film - only the British can make them like this!

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