* Online bookings through links from this site to TicketSource incur a 10% booking fee.  You can also book in person at The Village Shop and The Rose & Crown in Feckenham. There is no fee for personal bookings The CROW’S EGG (Kaakkaa Muttai) Friday, 10th March at 8pm.

2014 - Dir.:M.Manikandan - Digital presentation - (India)

In Tamil language with English Supertitles

Two slum-kids are desperate to get their grimy paws on a slice of pizza. Because it is the shiny prize held up by the clean, well-off people . Because it must be better than the humble `dosai’ their `paati’ (grandma) rustles up for them in the one-room tenement which is the place for sleeping, cooking, bathing and ablutions. Because if they have it, they will also be like the other boys who have toys and eat fancy food for tiffin.

M Manikandan’s National award-winning debut feature is heart-warming. It features children in the lead, but it is not a `children’s film’ in the way we have sadly come to expect : it has a strong message, but it is not at all preachy.

‘Kaakkaa muttai’ is a crow’s egg, and it is a favourite stolen-from-the-nest dietary add-on for the two little boys who are left to their devices when the mother is off working, making measly sums to keep the family going. The father is in prison. And the boys, known simply as Big Crow’s Egg (J Vignesh) and Little Crow’s Egg (Ramesh) forage for coal in the yard to sell in dodgy shops happy to take stuff that fell off the back of a train. Getting money to buy a pizza means that they have to up their game and they come up with a scheme to make real money… and like many big schemes, this one gets bigger than they could have imagined.

This is a sensitive delight of a film made totally believable by the performances of the two genuine street kids who play the leading roles.