2017 - Dir.:  Martin McDonagh - HD Digital presentation - USA.

“Martin McDonagh’s fiercely written, stabbingly pleasurable tragicomedy stars a magnificent Frances McDormand; watching it is like having your funny bone struck repeatedly, expertly and very much too hard by a karate super-black-belt capable of bringing a rhino to its knees with a single punch behind the ear. It is a film about vengeance, violence and the acceptance of death, combining subtlety and unsubtlety, and moreover wrongfooting you as to what and whom it is centrally about.” Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

Mildred Hayes’ daughter has been murdered. Weeks pass by and the investigation has gone nowhere. Mildred decides to move things on by hiring three billboards to goad the police into action… but that’s not all she does. This is a comedy, very black, very brutal but funny… only sometimes it hurts when you laugh!

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