2016 - Dir.:  Icíar Bollaín - HD Digital presentation - Spain.

Fresh from his I, Daniel Blake triumph with Ken Loach, screenwriter Paul Laverty brings a new work to the UK: a heartfelt, low-key, sweet-natured movie he scripted for his partner, the Spanish director Icíar Bollaín.

It has a touch of Ealing, almost, but with an undertow of sadness and social comment. Anna Castillo is Anna, a young woman very close to her grandfather (Manuel Cucala). The old man has refused to speak since his grownup children cynically uprooted and sold off his beloved 2,000-year-old olive tree, against his will, to pay for a now bankrupt tourist-restaurant business. When he takes things a step further by staging a hunger strike Anna decides that somkething has to be done. She discovers that the buyer of the tree is a Düsseldorf energy company, which has placed it in its glitzy lobby and uses it as a letterhead symbol of its entirely spurious green credentials. So Anna bamboozles some friends and family into going with her in a borrowed flatbed truck on a crazily quixotic mission to rescue the tree and bring it back home. A gentle and charming film.

In Spanish with the FeckenOdeon’s unique SupetTitles where the translation appears at the top of the screen

Friday, 13th October at 8pm Olivo The Olive Tree * Online bookings through links from this site to TicketSource incur a 10% booking fee.  You can also book in person at The Village Shop and The Rose & Crown in Feckenham. There is no fee for personal bookings El